The 2016 Spring Plastic Round-up is still up in the air. Check back here for updates!



Jackson County Recycling Partnership is excited to announce that we will be hosting a Plastic Round-up this Fall!

TIME: 9:00 A.M. TO 4:00 P.M. BOTH DAYS


ATTENTION: EVENT ONCE AGAIN WILL BE HELD AT THE ROGUE TRANSFER STATION! Rogue Disposal & Recycling Transfer Station 8001 Table Rock Road White City, ORSee below for more info and details.

Flyers available for download
8X11 Color Flyer
8X11 Black & White Flyer
4 Per Page Color Flyer
4 Per Page Black & White Flyer

Only clean, presorted plastic will be accepted. Presort plastic into 3 categories: soft plastic, hard plastic and nursery plastic.  Note that we can no longer accept video cassettes, tapes or 8-tracks (unless the tape and metal parts are removed in advance).

There will be a residential fee of $5.00 per household; the fee for large loads and businesses is $5.00 per yard. These fees make the event possible.

We encourage all recyclers to find friends and neighbors to carpool plastic for multiple homes at once. Please keep in mind our fees are per household, not per vehicle – honor system! Help spread the word! Updated flyer coming soon – help spread the word!

Why did we move the event to the transfer station? We know that many of you in our large and growing community of plastic recyclers will want to understand our reasons for moving the event. Here is a summary:

This move is required in order for the Plastic Round-up to continue. Although this location is not as centrally located as the former location it will improve logistics and abundantly save resources, money and time.

  • Trucking: Our greatest expense and our biggest challenge is transportation. Thanks to the success of our plastic collection, at recent events, we must arrange for 4-5 trucks to be dropped off and loaded over a 2-3 day period. It is nearly impossible to find a single trucking outfit that can accommodate this.
  • Baling: To save on transportation expense and fuel, we will begin baling the plastic prior to shipping. The Transfer Station has a baler on site. It would be extremely inefficient and expensive to collect plastic at one site and bale it at another. Baling will reduce shipping fees and improve our carbon footprint significantly.
  • Storage: In order to bale the plastic for shipping, we need a place to store it before and after it is baled. The Transfer Station has ample storage space.
  • Shipping fees: Our trucking costs have risen over 100% in recent events, due to a variety of factors in the plastic recycling industry.
  • Site fees: The Transfer Station is being provided at no charge. Our former site was rented; an estimate for future events increased rent by over 200%.  It also incurred additional overhead, such as overnight security to safeguard our equipment, which is not needed at the new site. If we are not able to move your plastic within the contracted time-frame, we are subject to additional daily site rental fees.
  • Equipment: At the former site, we needed to arrange for forklifts, truck-loading ramps, and other heavy equipment to be brought in and removed in a 4-day time frame, requiring extensive coordination. At the new location, most of the equipment is already on site, and there are no set time limits or fees.

The Plastic Round-up is a very unique opportunity to recycle mixed plastics. Since 2008, in order to provide this service to our community, JCRP has continually evolved to accommodate increasing participation by homes and businesses, the ever-growing volume of plastic, and the ongoing challenges and dynamics of the global recycling market. Thank you for adapting to this change with us, so that we can continue to shape a successful Plastic Round-up together.