About the Jackson County Recycling Partnership

Jackson County Recycling Partnership, LLC (JCRP) is a consortium of local governments and waste haulers formed to address County-wide solid waste issues, sponsor waste education programs and events, and help Jackson County fulfill State-level solid waste mandates. JCRP holds quarterly meetings and encourages other solid waste-related organizations and businesses to attend.
JCRP’s mission is to promote education about the benefits of recycling, waste prevention, hazardous waste reduction and composting throughout Jackson County.

Learn how to develop sustainable recycling programs in your personal and work life.

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Waste Prevention

Recycling should be the last resort. Find out how to reduce and reuse items to prevent waste.

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Hazardous Materials

Certain materials need to be disposed of carefully to protect the health of the environment and our community.

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Compost / Green Debris

Recycling is not just for paper and plastic! Learn how to compost and keep your yard debris out of landfills.

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Recycling News & Special Events