2022 Master Recycler Training

Master Recycler Training Course 2022
Starts Tuesday, September 27th 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
held at Rogue Disposal’s office at 1 West Main Street,
Suite 401  in downtown Medford
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Each year,  a 6-week training course teaches residents and business and government representatives on topics of recycling, waste prevention, composting, local solid waste infrastructure, e-waste, hazardous waste and much more. The course includes an extensive training manual, presentations from regional experts.

Weekly classes will take place on Tuesday evenings in the Rogue Disposal corporate office at One West Main Street in downtown Medford. There will be one Saturday field trip to a local transfer station, state-of-the-art landfill and waste water treatment plant.

  • Course Fees: $75  – need-based scholarships may be available.
  • All course participants are required to have regular access to an active email address; frequent communication between the MR program and participants is made electronically.

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Global Recycling Disruption

FOR YEARS, CHINA HAS TAKEN IN ROUGHLY 60% of the world's recyclable materials. However, China has stated that as of January 2018, it will no longer accept mixed paper (like junk mail and cereal-box-type material) as well as certain "waste plastics" (any plastics with numbers 3 - 7 stamped on the bottom of the item).

THIS THREAT OF A CRACKDOWN has sent a shockwave through the solid waste industry, resulting in stockpiling of mixed recyclables with no place to go. This is especially true in more rural areas of the state, which are hundreds of miles from recycling processors in Portland, northern California and Washington.

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